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Poster: robthewordsmith Date: Nov 7, 2006 6:30am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: no Jerry for Xmas

Jerry - a 'cynical atheist'? I don't think so. Here's part of an interview he gave that touched on the subject of God and belief. The whole thing is at:

David: What's your concept of God if you have one?

Jerry: I was raised a Catholic so it's very hard for me to get out of that way of thinking. Fundamentally I'm a Christian in that I believe that to love your enemy is a good idea somehow. Also, I feel that I'm enclosed within a Christian framework so huge that I don't believe it's possible to escape it, it's so much a part of the western point of view. So I admit it, and I also believe that real christianity is okay. I just don't like the exclusivity clause.

But as far as God goes, I think that there is a higher order of intelligence something along the lines of whatever it is that makes the DNA work. Whatever it is that keeps our bodies functioning and our cells changing, the organizing principle - whatever it is that created all these wonderful life-forms that we're surrounded by in its incredible detail.

There's definitely a huge vast wisdom of some kind at work here. Whether it's personal - whether there's a point of view in there, or whether we're the point of view, I think is up for discussion. I don't believe in a supernatural being.

Rebecca: What about your personal experience of what you may have described as God?

Jerry: I've been spoken to by a higher order of intelligence - I thought it was God. It was a very personal God in that it had exactly the same sense of humor that I have.(laughter) I interpret that as being the next level of consciousness, but maybe there's a hierarchical set of consciousnesses. My experience is that there is one smarter than me, that can talk to me, and there's also the biological one that I spoke about.

David: Do you feel that there's a divine plan at work in nature?

Jerry: I don't know about a plan. I don't know whether it cares to express itself that way or even if matters such as developmental constructs along time have any relevance to this particular God point of view. It may be a steady-state God that exists out beyond space-time beyond our experience, or around it, or contemporary with it, or it may function in the moment - I have no idea.

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Poster: orchiddoctor Date: Nov 7, 2006 9:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: no Jerry for Xmas

Good point. I hadn't seen this. It's kind of surprising considering the lifestyle. But then again, there's "Wharf Rat," and a few other songs that touch on God and redemption.

Still, he would've made a great Mr. Claus.

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Poster: johnnyonthespot Date: Nov 7, 2006 2:03pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: no Jerry for Xmas

Yeah and don't forget the fact that he sang a ton of gospel in his solo band. I think Jerry loved a good tune, period. Also, he certainly didn't give a sh*t what Dylan was into in 78 when Bill invited him to play with Dylan to bail out the bad ticket sales. All he cared about was getting to play with Dylan.